to develop

You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety.
Abraham Maslow

To grow. Everyone talks about it, but the way we talk about it, does that reflect what all of us mean by it? The economy has grown by x %. The company has grown by y employees. Sales volume has grown by z %. What is to grow? Is it inevitable to grow? Is bigger better? Only when something grows (or has grown), it is 'as it should be'? Does that define 'to grow'? In our opinion this 'definition' touches upon one or two aspects of 'to grow', but 'to grow' is something different, at the least more than just 'bigger is better'!

To grow? To grow is ...
... to want – do you truly want to grow?
... to allow – do you allow yourself to grow?
... to dare – do you have the courage to grow?
... wanting to dare – do you challenge yourself to grow?
... allowing to choose – are you prepared to make a choice?
... daring to choose – do you challenge your choices?
... wanting to find – are you prepared to encounter your choices?
... wanting to renew – do you challenge yourself to do things differently?
... allowing to change – do you allow yourself to change?
... wanting to change – have you reached the point where you truly want change?
... challenged to grow – to grow is exciting and requires a lot of courage!


Digital Knowledge views 'to grow' as an integral aspect of all this, none less than the other. To grow is good and in our perspective essential, all though our lives. In slightly different terms, this applies to all human activities, work, school...
When reading the statements above you might recognise your own desires or short-comings (or those of your organisation), read on and you might encounter more that appeals to you.