During my research at a primary school in November 2009, I was asked to counsel one of the children. Since then, I do individual counselling for primary school children (age 4-12), usually on a weekly basis for a specific period of time, sometimes longer, sometimes just a few months.
Counselling may include development or improvement of language skills (Dutch or English) or may be focused on other school-related matters. Sometimes development of social skills is far more important.

I use all kinds of ‘games’ to develop the required skills in order to make learning fun. My material – generally also made by myself – offers so many possibilities that I can create a customised program for every child.

At the start, we need some time to find our way of working together, but we generally quickly discover the most efficient – and therefore most successful – approach for both of us. And when the results are accordingly – after some practice – ... everybody is happy!


  • A 4 year old Polish girl came to the Netherlands in 2011 without speaking a single word of Dutch. The school established the contact between us and we worked together successfully until group 5 (2015). During the last period of time, I prepared her for emigration to Saudi Arabia by teaching her English.
  • I have worked with a boy who has a PGB (literally: personal budget; related to autism) during all his years in primary school to convert ‘newly learned subjects’ into ‘familiar’ and ‘safe’ behaviour as quickly as possible.
  • I support a boy having English speaking parents in relation to language subjects.

All these examples mainly relate to ‘comprehensive reading’. This may sound strange, but in almost everything we do, we need to understand wat is written or said. This means that we should be able to make connections and fully understand the meaning of sentences and words. Comprehensive reading is fundamental for all learning (all ‘essay subjects’), both in primary and in secondary education!

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