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Wat er ook speelt in een land, laat het vooral de kinderen zijn.

In the summer of 2012, we started developing plans for ‘activities with children’ at Boerderij Landzicht in Velserbeoek (The Netherlands). Eventually, this resulted in 'SpeelJeWijs on Wednesday' in January 2013. We wanted to develop a programme offering children the opportunity to experience, learn and discover new things. Funny ‘learning’ subjects are integrated into activities that challenge the children to experience new things, focusing on respect for themselves and others. Learning things in a playful manner for use in daily life. The programme is suitable for all children, including children having ‘labels’ like highly sensitive, gifted children, ADHD, ADD, autism, dyslexia.

For more information about the Wednesday afternoons and a photo gallery please also refer to the SpeelJeWijs Facebook page.


sjw-woe SpeelJeWijs on Wednesday

Early 2013, Marije van den Hoek and Arjanne Boerendans started SpeelJeWijs, a program for children at a farm in Velserbroek (The Netherlands)! Soon, Marc Dekker joined us and since January 2016 we have a new location ...