Born to Learn

'Born to learn is a fun, thought-provoking series of animations that illustrate ground-breaking new discoveries about how humans learn… Most of today’s schools are based on the assumption that children are born to be taught, rather than to learn. The findings from recent research have started to clarify the essential distinction between “learning” and “being taught”. With this better understanding (from the 1980s onwards) of how children actually learn we are able to see how their innate curiosity can all too easily be knocked out of them by insensitive schooling, unchallenging environments and poor emotional support… These animations are a Call to Action. They are The Initiative’s contribution towards helping society get off its backside and do for the next generation what earlier generations did without question for their own young (in many cases this meant our own parents and grandparents).' -- quoted from

Born to Learn is de website van ‘The 21st Century Learning Initiative’. Dit is een geregistreerde goede doeleninstelling in het Verenigd Koninkrijk en Verenigde Staten. Het merendeel van het materiaal op de site en in de animaties komt uit het boekBorn to Learn is a web site operated by The 21st Century Learning Initiative. This is a registered charity in the UK and US. The majority of the material collected on the site and presented in the animations is taken from the book Overschooled but Undereducated (2010), by John Abbott and Heather MacTaggart (refer to

Look at this beautiful animation:

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This is what we need for the future of 'learning'!

Like this information shows, it is essential for our future generations to critically review the models of society as a foundation for the way we work and acquire knowledge. The way we have formed our schooling system may have fit 25, 50 or 100 years ago, but is clearly no longer sufficient, and certainly doesn't provide a foundation for tomorrow's world!

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