to dream

Life is a dream, but dreaming is not living.
Constantijn Huygens

How do we achieve our goals? In other words: how do we achieve our dream? By formulating your goal in a positive way and then making it concrete! When you have done that, is it still the thing you want to achieve? Yes? Then dream on, dream about the point in time that you will have achieved your dream! When will that be (date, time)? Where are you? Who are with you? What do they say? What do you smell or taste? And… what do you feel? What does it feel like to have achieved this goal? And where in your body is this feeling located…

By reflecting on all these aspects, you anchor your goal, you attache to it and you will start recognizing the things from your dream around you. Dreaming links you to your goal … and then… just let it happen.

And sometimes… dreaming is just simply enjoying something to the fullest!!!