During a weekend in June of 2007, John and I participated in a training called Life Manager. As a whole this training was very special to us, mostly for two specific reasons.

The first reason is a very general one, but very special for us! Almost all participants gave both John and me very positive reactions about our relationship, how ‘well’ it looked. What a beautiful present!
The other reason had to do with one of the subjects of the programme. During the Sunday, we performed the exercise ‘The ultimate dream’. It is a really great experience, in which you work using four quadrants: 1) description of the dream, 2) what do you need to make your dream come true, 3) how are you going to make your dream come true and 4) what keeps you from doing it?

You fill in the details about your personal dream and subsequently discuss the content with your partner of the day (and what your partner has written down!).

The content of my dream is: to work together with John to an advanced age on subjects that are close to our heart, always discovering new things.

What do I need?

  1. time (to live a long life)
  2. energy
  3. John
  4. to feel
  5. the new way

How am I going to do it?

  1. living healthily and happily
  2. + 5. to find the new way
  3. continuing what I'm doing now, plus more
  4. this + haptonomist + NLP + self (training)

What stops me doing it? Nothing, I am on my way to find a/the new path and that will lead to this.

What made this exercise so very special is maybe the fact that John and I came to a 95% match of our dreams, although we were working independently from each other – far apart in space. Incredible, what more do we need?

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